Comanche County budget update

It's the biggest budget ever for Comanche County, but commissioners say it's still not enough.  The 2007-08 budget was approved Wednesday where the Excise Board met with County Commissioners and approved a $7.225 million budget.  The new budget reflects raises for general employees, Sheriff's Deputies and elected officials.

General employees will receive a $50 per month increase in overall pay; Sheriff's Deputies will see a monthly raise of more than $100 and elected officials' raise was elevated by $2,750.  County Commissioner Ron Kirby says this amount is less than what was asked.  But, overall, Kirby says everyone is happy with the outcome of the budget meeting.  "We're very happy with it. We're very happy for the taxpayers. I think it's a win-win situation. We need to get back into doing the business for the people of the county," he said.

They'll be getting down to business right away with a few things already on the agenda.  The highest priority, as 7News previously reported, is replacing the doors and locks at the juvenile detention center and the budget will also help move along the renovation project for the new Comanche Courthouse.  Kirby says he wants taxpayers to be proud of the results.