East Lawton getting new water main

The City of Lawton says that east Lawton residents should have full water pressure again in less than fourteen days.  Recent rains set the city behind, but now they're back on schedule so some people on the east side had low water pressure Friday as workers repaired the temporary main line.  They used water from the line to help put in the new pipe and now they've finished running the new 24" water main under East Cache Creek.  All that's left is to hook it up to the city.

Karen Lawton and other residents on the east side have had less water since the main broke in June's flooding.  The creek filled so fast that the weight damaged the pipe below it.  All the city could do was put in a temporary line and it seems to be doing a good job until its replacement is complete.  "Today it seems to be a little bit lower than it was yesterday," said Lawton.  And, since the city has been working on it that seems normal and it should get better soon.

According to Lawton, the same thing happened a few months ago, but with little change in water pressure.  The reason it was low then and that it's low now is because crews had to tap the temporary main to dig the hole for the new pipe.  Evans & Associates have worked for two weeks to get the river pipe through.  Now, all that's left to do is put fittings on and attach it to the water main.

"We will actually tie right back into that existing ductal iron," said Inspector Steven Hall.  He says the ductal iron pipe will connect to the high density ethylene pipe which runs underneath the creek.  It's made for this type of work because of how deep it's put in.  "Basically, because it's a lot more flexible, we can get it up under the creek to where the engineer's feel it's a safe level without digging a mountain of a pit to get it down to this level," said Hall.

Now, it can better take the weight of the creek above and should last longer.  Karen Lawton says she'll be glad to have their water pressure back to normal.  The City of Lawton says there is no boil order necessary even though they've been working on the lines.  The water is safe to drink.