Mexican truck carrying explosives for mining blows up

Piedras Negras, Mexico (AP) _ A truck carrying ammonium nitrate to a mine in Western Mexico blew up after colliding with another vehicle -- killing at least 34 people.  Authorities say the two vehicles crashed last night on a busy highway near Piedras Negras.

Local Police Director Rodolfo Riquejo says most of those killed and injured were families returning home after going to some nearby swimming pools.  Federal police say the truck had picked up 25 tons of ammonium nitrate from an Orica Explosives Plant in nearby Monclova. The rig was heading to an unspecified mine in the Southwestern state of Colima.

Officials at Orica's offices in Monclova didn't immediately comment to the Associated Press.  The explosion, just a few hours south of the Texas border, comes amid an angry cross-border debate about the safety of Mexican trucks allowed on U.S. Roadways.

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