9/11 memorial ceremony at Sheppard Air Force Base

Altus_People around the world stopped to remember one of the most tragic events in the history of the United States - The attacks of September 11, 2001.  At precisely 8:43 am September 11, 2007, Sheppard Air Force Base held a moment of silence.  That was the very moment of the attack on the pentagon.  They also marked the day with a Patriot's Day Memorial Service.

As Retired Colonel Kathy Roberts spoke, the mood was somber and reverent as those in attendance remembered the innocent Americans and people from around the world who lost their lives in the attack of September 11.  "It's also a day to remember those people who remain.  And that we shouldn't forget the attacks on our nation and that we shouldn't forget the duty and dedication of our soldiers, sailors and airmen who continue to serve," Roberts said.

Colonel Roberts was supposed to be at the Pentagon that day, instead she was nearby planning on what to do in the event of an attack.  She, along with others, raced back as soon as they heard.  "I was back in the pentagon when the roof was still on fire, planning what we were going to do as a nation," she said.  Roberts spoke about the destruction and loss of life that day as the names of the victims scrolled behind her.  "The pictures on TV do not do it justice - the huge gaping hole in our symbol of our defense just was horrendous," she said.

Most can remember what they were doing and where they were on the day of the attacks.  And, Sheppard Air Force Base honored those fallen heroes on Patriot Day.  They came together to make sure no one forgets.  Flags all over the base were flown at half staff in memoriam.

Chaplain Colonel Richard Munsell says it's just like the bombing of Pearl Harbor was to a couple of generations before.  "We're remembering a significant point, keep it alive, to not let those moments pass by unacknowledged.  And that goes for everything from those that lost their lives this day, all the way up to the soldier, that airman, that marine that is in conflict today," he said.

An American flag was folded and presented as a memorial to those who lost their lives six years ago and for those who are at war today.  A special video showed some of what was lost that day.  "Please don't forget.  This nation is very important to me - I love it.  I've spent thirty years protecting it and I hope that we don't forget what some horrible terrorists did...and could do again," said Munsell.

Since President Bush has declared September 11 as Patriot Day so these heroes will never be forgotten.