More Wichita Falls home invasions

Wichita Falls Police have had their hands full with robberies, shootings and now, more home invasions.  Police say they had a number of home invasions last month and Tuesday morning they had two more.

The first happened around 9am in the 2700 block of Palmetto and 30 minutes later the same masked men struck again.  This time ate the 1600 block of Covington.  Investigators say they believe these are related to the previous home invasions two weeks ago.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt this time.  The first victim suffered from a bump on the head and the second is in shock.  During their interview with 7News, the homeowners were visibly shaking the entire time.

Chester Williams is one of the latest victims to this crime spree and he says he was working on his fence located on the side of his home when he noticed three men in dark clothing.  "I'm so excited but what I'm doing I didn't have time to observe his face all I wanted to do is get in the house," he said.  Williams says one of the men came after him while the other two waited outside.

Williams says he picked up a table in his back yard and threw it, then tried to make it to his door.  He says that throughout the struggle to keep the robber out, he got a gash above one eye.  Within a few moments, the robber must have become spooked because the group took off empty handed - Chester Williams couldn't be happier.  "I got lucky," he said.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away and fast forward 30 minutes the three men struck again.  Ileta Driskill had just gotten home and says her husband was going to run an errand.  The couple left the garage door open and one of the masked men entered that way.  "They looked so mean and terrible to me," said Ileta.

Ileta said she was in her bedroom when the men came in and demanded her money and jewelry.  "They came in and he said if I hadn't given him what he wanted he would blow my head off so I feel like I was violated," she said.  She says they ripped their phones from the wall and knocked over items in their home.

Sergeant Joe Snyder with the Wichita Falls Police says both of these home owners got lucky.  They don't advise anyone to take matters into their own hands.  "If you are confronted by an armed person the sensible thing to do is comply," said Snyder.

Iletea Driskill says she hopes they catch the criminals because one of the items stolen from her was her wedding ring.  She had had it for 62 years and would like it back.  "I'm thankful and grateful we still have our lives you know," she said.

Police say if you have any information regarding these home invasion robberies, call Wichita Falls Crimestoppers at 800-322-9888.