Tagging continues in west Lawton

More graffiti in Lawton has lead to additional suspicions in the Fairmont Creamery taggings.  Deputy Police Chief James Apple says they are investigating a group of people that may be responsible for even more graffiti around the west side of town.

Some of the tagging has been cleaned up, but it's not the graffiti that bothers people the most.  Some children at Edison Elementary believe that "D4W" spray painted on the building means "Death for Whites".  It's on the school and a street sign.  And, neighbors of the elementary school are worried that if they appear on camera there may be gang retaliation.

One woman said she's been living on the street where the graffiti was found for over forty years.  She remembers how safe it was when her children grew up there.  Now, she says, it's a different story.  Principal Vic Stoll says the graffiti on the school upsets the students, too.  "It hurts the kids, because the next day when they came to school, Monday morning, they're all saying Mr. Stoll what's this?" he said.

"Edison's been doing excellent.  We're kinda the pride of the west side and it kind of hurts us in our pride," Stoll said.  But, he keeps his head high.  "Just let 'em know that it is safe here and we follow all of our procedures to make it a safe place."

Lawton Police and Lawton Public Schools cleaned up the graffiti on school property, but behind the school is a shed with more cryptic numbers and letters.  Police are unsure of what they mean, but they are sure that whoever wrote "D4W" wants to make themselves known.  They've been tagging all over the west side.

"They started down the street, came through this school, went through another school, went to a business," said Stoll.  Brockland Elementary is the other school and LPS has cleaned up already.  Stoll says taggers should be aware because "We've been looking in our cameras and trying to see if we can find anything.

They haven't found anything so far and no arrests have been made.  But, police are still on the lookout for any suspects.  If you have any information about the graffiti, call Crimestoppers at 355-INFO and, as always, you may remain anonymous.