State Fair Attendees Can Find "Pot of Gold" At Treasurer's Unclaimed Property Booth

OKLAHOMA CITY - State Treasurer Scott Meacham is heading to the Oklahoma State Fair to help Oklahomans find their unclaimed property. As administrator of Oklahoma's unclaimed property program, Meacham has more than $175 million for more than 350,000 people.

Meacham and his staff are manning a booth in the Cox Pavilion at the fair in Oklahoma City. This will be the seventh consecutive year the office has operated the "Pot of Gold" booth at the state fair, but the first time the booth has been located in the Cox Pavilion.

"We are holding millions of dollars in unclaimed property waiting for it to be claimed by its rightful owners. I encourage all fair attendees to stop by our booth to see if we are holding any of their money," Meacham said. "More than 3,000 fair patrons in Oklahoma City and Tulsa have found more than $1.78 million over the last six years."

Since becoming state treasurer in June of 2005, Meacham has put an increased emphasis on reuniting Oklahomans with their unclaimed property. As a result of this emphasis, unclaimed property totaling more than $30 million has been returned to more than 35,000 Oklahomans.

Examples of unclaimed property include bank accounts, security deposits, uncashed paychecks, overpayments, royalties, rebates, stock and bonds.

The contents of abandoned safe deposit boxes are also included.

The cash and property are turned over to the State Treasurer's office when the businesses holding them lose track of the owners. Treasurer Meacham's Unclaimed Property Division then publishes the names and conducts other outreach, such as booths at the two major state fairs, to help find the owners.

The Unclaimed Property booth in the Cox Pavilion will be open throughout the fair. Workers will be on hand to offer assistance September 13-23.