Donation moves Cameron's Centennial Garden along

A donation of more than $100,000 has pushed up construction for one big project at Cameron University.  What was once only a plan is now becoming a reality - the school's Centennial Garden.  With this most recent donation, construction of the garden will begin in the fall.

President Cindy Ross says that the $165,000 donation from the McCasland family of Duncan puts them about $300,000 away from their million dollar goal.  Both Tom and Monica McCasland attended classes at Cameron and Monica is a graduate.

The focal point of the garden will be a pond occupying one third of an acre and bearing the name of the McCaslands.  Inside the garden, students will be able to relax, study and enjoy the outdoors.  "Right now they don't have a really good place ... it's a parking lot," said Tom McCasland.  The newest donation, along with past contributions, have brought Cameron to almost $670,000 and Dr. Ross says it's just the amount that they need to break ground.

"It's a significant donation and it really moves us forward on the centennial garden, I think we'll be able to break ground this fall," Ross said.  And, university students are grateful.  "I don't know if I could put into words how excited myself and all the students of Cameron are to be here during the inception of the gardens," said Ross.

This family has contributed many times before and they believe this is the best way the money could be used.  "We've been here several times and you can see it's being used. I know that this will be too," said McCasland.  Cameron holds a special place for them and say that the university changed their lives.

Appropriately enough, the project is part of Cameron's "Changing Lives Campaign".  They say this garden will be able to be enjoyed by everyone.  "It'll be a gorgeous place for the entire southwest community," said McCasland.