"Big Pasture Centennial Days"

Oklahoma's Centennial celebrations continue all across the state, and this week it was Grandfield's turn.  The "Big Pasture Centennial Days" is being held right in the heart of downtown Grandfield and the city is honoring our past with historical interpretations, exhibits, vendors and a mile long parade.

But, the celebration isn't just for fun; it's also to teach the past to our future.  At the start of the event was a medicine show - an actual reenactment of the Old West snake oil salesman.  And, that's just the beginning.

Friday, the city began their preparations.  Workers were busy getting everything ready for the weekend and Grandfield City Manager Randy Clark says this is an important event.  "It a 100 year reunion; I think it is probably the most historically significant, historic celebration in the state of Oklahoma, there's no doubt about it."

The city wants to make sure it's all historically correct, so they've brought in actors to reenact events.  Teddy Roosevelt even showed up.  Allison Ellis, a teacher in Grandfield, says this is a great way to celebrate the centennial.  "This weekend we're making more history for others to view upon in another 100 years," she said.  She's been working on a float with Head Start parents and kids for Saturday's parade and says her favorite part is watching the kids.  "Them learning something and the looks on their faces - their utter interest is what I love.  I just love that," she said.

The people of Grandfield are excited about the success of the event and what's in store for Saturday.  "It will just revive our heritage and our culture and people will find, I think, a newfound sense and a sense of belonging and a great deal of pride.  There's a lot of things to be proud of here...about where we live," said Ellis.

Saturday, there will be a one hour play about the "Big Plains", a moonshiner and a parade focusing on the old west.  The events Grand Marshall - Baldwin Parker, the sole surviving grandson of the legendary Comanche Chief Quanah Parker.