Mission Village Addition target of burglaries

Some neighbors in Lawton's Mission Village Addition thought they lived in a safe part of town.  But, over the weekend their minds were changed.  Four different sets of neighbors say they were burglarized just after midnight Saturday.  Their cars were broken into while parked under carports.

"One of the people that was vandalized said her husband came out and caught two men in hoods and they ran off," said Virginia Grant.  And while there's a neighborhood watch program in effect, they worry that it isn't enough anymore.

Hillary Banks has lived in the neighborhood for nine years and says she's never had a problem. Until two weeks ago when she lost more than five thousand dollars in car stereo equipment after a burglary.  And, she was hit again.

"But this they're just going through, taking cash out of vehicles. Your credit cards, your ID -- ten years from now they could do something with that information," said Banks.  One thing that worries neighbors is the pattern of the burglaries.  Grant says her credit cards were lying on the ground next to Mr. Toothman's burglarized car two houses down.

And, two houses down from him, Banks says she found Mr. Toothman's credit cards lying next to her burglarized car and her husband's wallet was found in the middle of the street.  "After 9 years of nothing and then all of the sudden within a month's time, you know, you feel victimized," she said.

Now, they worry that the burglaries will only get worse.  "If whoever is doing this is doing it repeatedly -- they getting braver and braver pretty soon they're going to start breaking into our houses," Banks said.  "If they're that bold to break into our Yukon and our Chrystler 300 that are up underneath the carport, right there with the porch light on and everything, you never know if they're going to start kicking in doors, what's next?"

They say that if anything good can come of this, their neighborhood watch program will be even stronger, now.