Texas Longhorn auction in the Sooner State

Meers_People all over the globe have heard of the world famous Meers Burger.  And, what makes these burgers so special is the Longhorn meat.  Tradition and beef quality make this unique breed of cattle quite popular.

Thursday, the Wichita Wildlife Refuge is auctioning off their specific breed of Longhorn in the 64th Annual Texas Longhorn Auction.  This auction is expected to bring in more than $50,000.  In past auctions, some of the best animals have sold for as much as $10,000.

This auction is so popular that prospective buyers come to Meers from surrounding states for a chance of owning their own Longhorns.  Wildlife Biologist Joe Kimball says that the ancestry of Longhorn is the auction's biggest draw.  It can be traced back to the original purebreed that were placed in the Refuge in the 1920s.

The Wildlife Refuge keeps just under 300 head of Longhorn on its 60,000 acres of land and when the herd reaches capacity, they have to thin it out.  When they do, they make sure they have the healthiest livestock vaccinated for the most common diseases to assure they are in good health and be shipped to the buyer, says Kimball.

With the proceeds, the Wildlife Refuge can continue the tradition and keep the animals healthy. It plans to pay for testing, vaccinations and veterinarian fees for the upkeep of the population.

The auction starts at noon Thursday, September 20th at the Wildlife Corral.  The public is invited to bid and Longhorn burgers will be served.