CCMH again receives top honors for orthopedics and neck & back surgery

County Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that for the second year in a row,HealthGrades has awarded us the prestigious Award of Excellence for Overall Orthopedic Care. This designation is given to Hospitals ranked in the top 10% in the nation for specialty areas. The orthopedic specialty rating is determined by receiving five star ratings in five of the following six medical areas evaluated:

Total knee replacement

Total hip replacement

Partial hip replacement

Hip Fracture repair

Back and neck surgery (except spinal fusion)

Back and neck surgery (spinal fusion)

HealthGrades is an independent health care information and advisory services company whose mission is to improve the quality of health care nationwide. Two of the six areas that received special recognition were back and neck surgery, with and without spinal fusion. For these two areas, CCMH has been notified that they were rated in the Top 5% in the Nation."Many people have the false belief that they could get better care in Oklahoma City or Dallas. I hope these statistics help people in our area know that by coming to CCMH for their neuroservices, they are receiving incredible care from experienced physicians," said Dr. Stephen Ofori, Neurosurgeon and CCMH physician. "We have the facilities, the expertise and the technology to provide services right here at home." Dr. Ofori has been a neurosurgeon at CCMH for the past six years and feels a compelling pull to the profession. "When you have someone come into your office with incapacitating pain and you are able to alleviate their pain and provide them with a functional lifestyle, it is very gratifying. I find this field fascinating with more challenging and gratifying results." Not only was CCMH awarded the prestigious Orthopedic Excellence Award for two years in a row, but the hospital also earned a five-star rating in back & neck surgery due to very low complication rates. CCMH is the only hospital in the state with a 0% complication rate for back & neck spinal fusion surgery, the national average for this type of surgery is 9.44%.