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MacArthur shows their support for "Jena 6"

Lawton_The Multicultural Club at Lawton MacArthur put the word out to every student on campus to wear black in support for the "Jena 6" in support of equality.  The halls were filled with students wearing black after word spread.

Club President Diamond Robinson made her own shirt as many others have.  Some say "Jena 6", some say, "What if it happened to you?"  "Being from Louisiana, I paid attention.  And, I thought it was totally unfair.  I don't it's too much of a racial issue, but more about equality," said Robinson.  She says the issue hits too close to home.

The club is made up of around 40 students; White, Black, Asian and Hispanic and many voiced how hard it is to look past this situation as being anything but racially charged.  "Weird.  I was just talking to my mom and saying how far, like, the world has come from racism and then, like, I turn around and watch the news, and then I hear about this.  It just showed me that everything is not perfect," said club member Rhonda Bernard.

"Eracism" was the theme and teacher and sponsor Davison Virgil says the students did all the work on their own.  They took it upon themselves to take a stand by wearing black to show their support for ridding the world of injustice.  "It shows me that our students, here, are not just concerned about their own situation," said Virgil.  He made it clear that there are two sides to every story and that wrong may have been done on each side.  He also says this shouldn't be a race issue. 

Virgil says that whatever the students' views are, he's just proud of them.  He says it helps them understand each side of the issue which helps build unity.  And, that's what the Multicultural Club is all about.  "Not just everybody has the same perspective, not everyone is a racist - Black, White, Asian, Native American; those who want to see justice done.  We want to show it's not about race, but what's right and what's wrong," Virgil said.

A Lawton Public School spokesman says this observance was the only one they knew of out of all three high schools.  However, it was the club's personal observance and not an LPS organized function.

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