Group helps get disabled farmers back in the field

Oklahoma City (AP) _ A state lawmaker who was left disabled after a farming accident wants the state to provide money to renovate farming equipment so the disabled can continue to farm.  Representative John Enns of Waukomis was using a machine to kill weeds in his wheat filed in 2004 when it rolled over him and broke his back. He was told he'd never walk again and likely would have to give up farming.

But the Oklahoma Agrability Project retooled his tractor and Enns is able to continue farming.  Enns then sponsored a bill to sanction the Agrability Project as a state program but no money has been has been budgeted for it.

Now, Enns is hoping the project will get some exposure and lawmakers will see how vital it is and provide state money to support it.  Most of the alterations to Enns' tractor were paid for with federal grant money.

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