Missing Lawton inmate back in custody

Lawton_The search was on Monday for a man who took off from the Lawton Community Corrections Center.  Authorities say that 28 year old Ricardo Rodgers, also known as "Codtie" was present at 8pm Sunday and corrections officers realized he was missing at the 10pm roll call.  After they discovered him missing, they started the search.  After some coaxing from family and friends, Rodgers turned himself back in to the detention center.

Rodgers is serving time for possession of a controlled substance, a charge he was arrested for in 2004.  The arrest report states officers found quantities of crack cocaine and marijuana.  Rodgers admits that everything found belonged to him.

The Lawton Community Corrections Center is very different than others.  It's much more relaxed and inmates can even be on a work release program like Rodgers was.  At the center, officers and inmates have a very trusting relationship.  'We have to trust that the inmates are going to allow us to manage them," says Inmate Case Manager Dewey Patterson.

The facility is more of a place for re-building oneself than for serving time.  The work release program helps inmates get themselves back on their feet.  "You don't really appreciate the magnitude of a reentry program like the work release until you have a family member that has been incarcerated and needs to have a job," says Patterson.

But, there will always be people who spoil the efforts of those who manage the facility and take advantage of the relaxed security.  Just like Rodgers, who escaped with only two months remaining in his sentence.  "We can deal with a lot of issues ... its just why would you want to, again, you got two months left to serve, why would you just throw that away?" Patterson wonders.

Rodgers remains in custody Monday.