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Lawton group provides emotional support to homicide victim's families

The Lawton Homicide Victim's Survivor Group is looking to revive itself.  Members quit meeting for a few years, but now, they see a need to get involved again because of the growing number of homicides in Southwest Oklahoma. 

Tuesday, the group is holding the first candlelight vigil it's had for around 6 years.  The mission of the group is to help heal and find justice for those affected by this type of violence.  The core members kept in touch and are finding more and more people who need support.

Jimmy Don Ingle lost his sister seven years ago.  She was found shot in the head at an abandoned trailer home near Geronimo and her murderer has never been found.  Shavonda Ingle James was only 29 when she was murdered and not a day goes by that Jimmy doesn't have a moment of silence in her memory.

Ingle and his good friends Birgit Smith and Candace Childress know exactly what he's going through.  They lost loved ones too and this is the kind of support he wishes to bring back through this victim's survivor group. 

Ingle says the group was first formed in 1999 after Smith's father was murdered by her step brother.  Smith started the group to provide support to those going through court dates, trials, parole hearings and as a liason to the state on homicide issues.  Most importantly, though, they are there for emotional support.

The Lawton Homicide Victim's Survivor Group will meet Tuesday evening at 6:30pm on the north side of the Comanche County Courthouse.  They'll have a short candlelight vigil and a balloon release in memory of those who were murdered.  Everyone is invited.

Ingle has offered a $10,000 reward for information about the death of Shavonda Ingle James.  She was murdered around Christmas 1997.  If you have any information regarding this crime, please call authorities.  For more information about Tuesday's vigil you can reach Jimmy Ingle directly at 580-704-7853

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