Warrant in death of UNT student whose body was burned

Carrollton, Texas (AP) _ An affidavit released today by Carrollton police says a security video shows a man dragging a body from a car and starting a fire.  A murder warrant has been issued for 20-year-old Ernesto Reyes of Denton.

He's believed to have been seen early tuesday with 19-year-old University of North Texas sophomore Melanie Goodwin at a Denton convenience store.  Goodwin's burned body was discovered hours later near an office in Carrollton.

Now, police say security video at that complex shows a man hauling a body from a car and setting a fire. That video has not been released.  A medical examiner says Goodwin died of blunt force trauma.

Reyes had been photographed by security cameras at the convenience store. That tape has been released to the media.  Police say a clerk says Reyes asked Goodwin for a ride. The Arlington teen's car was found yesterday in Denton.

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