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Willow Park Nursing Home targeted third time

Lawton_Willow Park Nursing Home has been robbed again.  It's the third robbery in just one year and it looks as though it may have been an inside job.  The thieves took activity funds and resident's personal money from the facility.

The thief got into the building through an office window that was supposed to be secure.  But, it seemed the thief knew exactly how to get in and where to look for the cash.  "Officers received a call to the nursing home on a burglary of the building.  Once there, they found that the individual had pried some bars off of a window, made entry and made their way to the safe," said Captain Will Hines with the Lawton Police Department.

According to police reports, there was no sign of forced entry on the window.  It was unlocked and could have been opened by someone familiar with the building.  "It's highly possible they had knowledge of the building.  They seemed to know where they were going," said Hines.  Once inside, they forced open a fire safe containing over $1,800 cash - half of it belonged to the residents.

The nursing home didn't have a comment and police say they are still searching for the crooks.  "They don't have anybody in specific that they are looking at right now, however like I said, the investigation is ongoing and hopefully we'll get a break in it very soon," said Hines.

Willow Park Nursing Home has had at least two burglaries per year for the last two years and still have not been able to make any arrests.

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