Protect yourself from West Nile Virus

Lawton_The cases of West Nile Virus in Oklahoma have doubled in just three years time and the numbers just keep climbing.  So far this year, there have been 81 positive cases of the virus and 6 deaths - most in Eastern Oklahoma.  Health experts believe it may be because these areas have more natural water sources and more humidity.

Right now, Oklahoma is in the height of mosquito season and it won't be letting up just because the weather's cooler.  And, the rainfall that Southwest Oklahoma experienced this week helped them spread in numbers - puddles of standing water are what mosquitoes thrive on.

Karen Mahan with the Comanche County Health Department says we can expect them to be around until the next good freeze - and some mosquitoes even live through a freeze.  She believes there are two main reasons the numbers continue to grow.  One - just like anything else - as time passes, birds become infected which means more mosquitoes can become infected and pass it on.  And the other reason is complacency.

Mahan says the best thing to remember is protect yourself from getting bit by wearing repellant.  It's probably best to continue to apply it through December since our areas coldest days are in January.