Half price burgers if OU wins

Lawton_Friday is the eve of the Big Red River Shootout.  In Sooner-land it's a sea of crimson and cream, but you'll still find a speck of burnt orange here and there as loyal Longhorn fans stand out.  7News found a Longhorn - Rico Ramirez.  He claims to be the biggest Texas fan around - and a sports collector magazine can back it up.

In his spare time, Ramierez is on EBay looking for authentic autographed sports memorabilia - specifically Texas Longhorn and Vince Young items.  "Texas die hard no matter what.  McCoy, Vince Young, Applewhite, it doesn't matter," he says.  Ramirez admits it's hard to be a Longhorn fan in Sooner Country, but his Longhorn loyalty is not something he's ashamed to admit.

"It's been real hard.  My wife gets embarrassed 'cause people point at us because we have flags hanging from our cars, the house - I wear Texas every weekend," he says.  In fact, he spends a lot of time talking sports with his neighbors who are die hard Sooner fans.

Jimmy Jones is one of Ramirez's neighbors.  The agree that it's not often you find Texas fans around here and no one who brags as much as Ramirez.  "That's why it's real easy to razz him and give him a hard time - because he thinks Texas is gold."

When he's not collecting memorabilia, you can find Ramirez at one of the two Sonics he owns.  You might not find him flipping burgers, but he'll certainly talk to anyone who stops in for fast food.  In fact, he's so confident going into the annual contest, he's make a bet with the Sooner nation:  half price burgers if his team loses.

"I'm willing to go the extremes.  If Texas was to loose to OU, which I highly doubt.  I'm willing to sell half price hamburgers from six to close on Saturday," he says.  Of course, rival neighbor Jimmy Jones says that's not going to happen.  "I'll be the first one in the hamburger line," he says.

The wait isn't long before we find out who will win the bet.  Remember, if Rico's Longhorns lose, he's wearing OU colors and half price burgers at the two Sonics on West Lee and East Gore from right after Saturday's game until midnight.