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Murder victim's brother says let death penalty stand as is

Woody Jackson, on death row Woody Jackson, on death row
Lena Bohay, murdered by Jackson Lena Bohay, murdered by Jackson
Rob Bohay - Lena's brother Rob Bohay - Lena's brother

Lawton_What's your definition of cruel and unusual?  A Lawton man says the triple murderer who shot his sister in the face is his example.  It's been more than four years, now, since Lena Bohay, John Limberger and Mack Wright were found dead inside a West Lawton home.  A jury convicted Woody Jackson of beating Wright to death with a fireplace poker and fatally shooting Bohay and Limberger.

Jackson was sentenced to die by lethal injection, but that may not happen if the Supreme Court decides it's cruel and unusual punishment.  Lena Bohay's brother just can't believe it.  He says murderers like Woody Jackson are why the death penalty even exists.

It was a shock to all Lawtonians the day the three were killed.  Two of them were only in their twenties - killed in cold blood, by their own landlord.  To this day, the question of why it happened plays over and over in Rob Bohay's mind. 

To say he and his sister were close is an understatement.  "[We were] like an arm and a leg, we were just that close," he says.  When this happened I didn't know what to do.  She was just friends with everybody - she would give you money out of her pocket, she would give you a ride somewhere if you needed it." 

But, on an early February morning, Woody Jackson took Bohay's sister away from him.  It only took a jury 19 minutes to find Woody Jackson guilty of killing her and two of her co-workers.  A month later he was sentenced to die.  Now, Bohay wonders if it will ever happen if lethal injections are deemed unconstitutional.

"How can that be cruel and unusual punishment?  Was he thinking of that kind of stuff when he shot my sister and two other people?  He wasn't thinking about cruel and unusual or anything," says Bohay.  In fact, Jackson originally pled guilty to the slayings before changing his mind.

Jackson was originally sentenced to die on the anniversary of the murders, but that didn't happen because of the automatic appeals process. Now, it may not happen at all.  "Let the death penalty go on as it is," says Bohay.  It's the death penalty - you kill people, you kill a lot of people, you've got to pay for that."

On October 3rd, Attorney General Drew Edmonson asked the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to temporarily put a hold on setting execution deaths until the Supreme Court makes its decision. 

There are currently 84 people on Oklahoma's death row.  On average, it takes about ten years for a death sentence to be carried out.

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