Baggy pants banned?

Duncan_Cities and towns in America have been outlawing baggy pants.  It's been done in Louisiana, talked about in Atlanta and Dallas - and now, Duncan.  It's in the works and on the agenda at Tuesday's city council meeting.  They're discussing an ordinance that would make it illegal to wear your pants so low that either your skin or underwear shows.

The city said several people had complained about baggy pants, which prompted the proposal.  What makes Duncan's proposal a little different is this - if someone under 16 years old gets caught, the parent will pay the fine and get slapped with community service.

The fashion started in prison, but the trend has spread among youth.  "What is against community standards?  That's what you have to really look at," says Duncan's City Manager Clyde Shaw.  Duncan Public Schools already ban saggy pants, but once kids are off school property, it's another story.

"I see a lot of people doing it, I mean there's a couple times, I can't lie, I catch myself doing it, but I gotta pull my pants up," says one teen.  Shaw says the fines don't start off too stiff.  "It's $25 for conviction on the first offense and up to 8 hours of community service," he says.  A third offense is $100 and 48 hours, but, it's the parent who foots the bill and the time in community service if the kid is under 17.

That's where one Duncan teen says it's a little too steep.  "Well, I don't think that's right because well parents sometimes really don't see," says........  He doesn't think it's the parents fault, he says it's who you surround yourself with.  "I might sag and my little brother might be hanging around me and if I'm saggin', he's just tryin' to copy what I'm doing."

Other Duncan High School teens have their opinions as well.  "Yeah, it's a real big problem, real real big problem, everyone does it," says Brandon Richardson.  "I guess it should be a law, everybody don't need to do it ... it's not really cool.  If you get caught, eventually you'll learn and then you'll pull up your pants," says Kris Vereen.

So, the question is, whether or not a parent should be punished for their child's fashion faux pas.  This issue is only up for discussion at Tuesday's meeting.  The city council will get some input from community members and a vote by the council may come back as early as October 23rd.  This ordinance will include both men and women.

Count on 7News to let you know the outcome.