Cache girl recovering from ATV accident; residents concerned about ATV safety

Comanche County_One week ago, 7News reported that a Cache girl was in critical condition after her ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) collided with a pick-up truck.  And, ATV's continue to be a hot topic in Comanche County.  Several viewers phoned in and said they see kids riding four wheeled vehicles and ATV's on city and county roads.

Skylar Bender, the girl involved in last week's accident, is still in an Oklahoma City hospital with a brain injury.  Her condition, however, is improving.  Tuesday evening, her family said doctor's changed her condition from critical to serious.  But, even though there's improvement in Skylar, Cache residents say something more needs to be done about operating ATV's on major roadways.

Rick Kelly lives in Cache and says he travels all over the state.  He says if you look around, you will see kids riding ATV's all over town.  "On a daily basis, day and night.  On gravel roads, street roads - here in town," he says.  And, what's worse, Kelly says none of them have helmets on.  "On a one to one hundred bases 99.3 % are with out helmets."

Saadia Thompson also lives in Cache and wants to see this issue brought up at the next city council meeting.  "I would like to see them wear helmets, obey signs, well really they're not even supposed to be on the streets but they still go there," she says.

Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley says that people illegally riding these vehicles in town is getting out of hand - and especially those under 18.  "It's very important that you know were your kid to ride them cars coming over the other hill and we want everybody to understand it is against the law to ride on the road ways," says Stradley.

Stradley says parents, businesses and others who see this type of activity must learn to call law enforcement.  "Our main thing here is not to keep the kids from having fun.  We know people like to have 4 wheelers and kids like to ride them that's not the main thing is to knock off the fun.  We want to make sure your kid doesn't lose a life," he says.

A reminder, starting November 1, 2007, anyone under the age of 18 in Oklahoma must have a helmet on at all times while riding an ATV.  If anyone under 18 is caught without a helmet on, even on their own property, they will be ticketed.

Two emergency accounts have been set up for Skylar Bender in Cache.  Stop into a Liberty National Bank or Bank of the Wichitas and ask for the Skylar Bender Emergency Accident Fund.