Elgin mourns teen's unexpected death

The small city of Elgin is in shock in the wake of the death of another teen's death around six months ago.  Superintendent of Elgin's School District, Tom Crimmins says the students had finally started to recover from the last death and now, this.  After the death of 18 year old John Svitak lost his life in a car accident days before his prom, people are blown away by two young lives lost in the same year.

Sunday, the student body got together to share their emotions.  Crimmins says it was something the students needed to do to help start their week after this tragic news.  The city's cemetery sits right next to the school and is a grim reminder of Dakota Johnson who died over the weekend on his birthday.

The school sat quietly - not a word from the students or the superintendent.  Crimmins says he wants the students to heal quietly.  But, for those on the streets, emotions were high.

While investigators have been looking into whether or not alcohol played a role in Johnson's death, many around town are curious where the adults were.  "I think that parents should be involved in it, you know? You just don't give kids alcohol, when they are 16 years old.  They don't even know what it is" said one person 7News interviewed.  "I'm not saying it's the parent's fault - just if there was more supervision.  But how do you do that on a 15 year old kid that's never been a teenager."

Johnson's family told police they would not comment they just need time to heal.  Dakota Johnson was a sophomore on the varsity football team.  This Friday night, the team plans to have a moment of silence before the game starts - in his memory.  His funeral is Thursday at 10am in the Elgin High School Gymnasium.