Marlow man killed after collision with semi

A deadly wreck cost a Marlow man his life.  OHP Troopers say 47 year old Tony Grice was traveling south on Highway 81.  His pickup truck collided with a semi heading north - the pickup was thrown into an embankment.  Witnesses say he was turning into his driveway when the accident happened.

OHP Trooper Nathan Mackey arrived at the scene and had a bad feeling about what he saw.  "I knew it was going to be bad.  It was obvious from where the pickup truck landed."  It landed in an embankment and took the tow truck nearly an hour to pull it out.

When Grice was turning into his driveway, troopers say he didn't yield for the semi headed right toward him.  The semi slammed into the pickup, throwing it into the ditch.  "We don't know if speeding played a part in it, at this time, from the Semi or not.  We're still investigating that," said Mackey.

Grice's cousin, Tom Wheat, says he was coming from the store to help with a church dinner.  "Tony was there getting some supplies for tomorrow, like he does every second Wednesday of the month and I suppose he was turning in when the semi hit him from the back."

The driver of the semi, 31 year old Buster Latimer of Cyril, wasn't hurt in the wreck and witnesses say this is a dangerous stretch of road.  "It's a 55 mile per hour speed limit because of all the private drives and businesses that are along this road, but it's not exceptionally dangerous by any means," said Wheat.

Emergency crews say Grice was dead at the scene from internal head and trunk injuries and Wheat says the family is reeling from the news.  "They're in shock, but they're okay.  They have a strong faith, and they're going to be okay."  The highway patrol says both drivers were wearing seatbelts.