Legislative Black Caucus to Host Retreat in Tulsa

OKLAHOMA CITY_ Members of Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus will gather in Tulsa on Oct. 22 to develop their legislative agenda for the 2008 session.

"To maximize our influence and impact on the legislative process, it's important to develop a comprehensive strategy and agenda," said state Rep. Mike Shelton, an Oklahoma City Democrat who chairs the Legislative Black Caucus. "It is our hope to visit as many parts of the state as possible to hear from our constituency. That's why we're excited to hold this event in Tulsa, home to the second-largest minority population in Oklahoma."

The group will meet privately on the morning of Oct. 22 to plan their agenda for the 2008 legislative session, which begins next February.

They also plan to meet with community leaders at a private luncheon.

The day will be capped off with a tour of the North Mabee Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club at 5 p.m.

"The Tulsa members of the Black Caucus - Rep. Jabar Shumate and Sen. Judy Eason-McIntyre - are always sharing the good things happening at the Boys and Girls Club, so we felt it was important for the entire caucus to see the facility and its programs first-hand," Shelton said.

"Our caucus is very supportive of after-school programs and wants to celebrate their successes by visiting the Boys and Girls Club."

Members of the public are invited to join the tour of the facility.

"By working together, we hope to have a successful 2008 session that benefits all the people of Oklahoma," Shelton said.