The Grinch hasn't won - Area students to rebuild Santa House

Lawton_Students at the Great Plains Technology Center have come to the rescue of the destroyed "Santa House" in Elmer Thomas Park.  After Monday night's fire, a lot of Lawtonians were left speechless.  But, now, the word is out and the community has expressed interest in coming together to build a new Holiday Santa House just in time for this years "Holiday in the Park".

The Grinch didn't manage to ruin Christmas, this year.  The students are fired up and ready to go.  They're just waiting for the city and Holiday Committee to let them know how they want the new structure to be built.  Once they get that information, things will fly like a flash.  In fact, some instructors think they can build it in just one week.

These students know how to build houses, that's what they do.  In fact, they're in the process of building one to sell.  But, instructor Kirk Mullenix says when they heard about the Santa House fire, they wanted to be a part of the new build.  "It's our community if were not proud and pitching in then who's going to?"

But, while the students are ready to start, they still don't know exactly what the city wants.  "We're going to build it however they want it," says Mullenix.  He says his students are pretty good, and they can build things quickly, but they need to start now.  The Holiday in the Park Committee needs it by the second week in November.

Supplies are part of the problem, too.  Once they get the Santa House specifications, they're going to have to get donations from the community.  They'll need nails, wood, cement, shingles - you name it, they need it - and all within a short amount of time.

Jesus Ramos is glad the community is stepping up to the plate.  "It's saying Lawton does stick together and were not going to let this bring us down."

If you want to get involved with this Holiday House rebuild and have materials, money or labor, please call the Great Plains Tech Center at 580-250-5620 or 580-250-5589. As soon as the rebuild starts, you can count on 7News to bring you the story.