The Spirit of Survival race is underway

It's time for the Second Annual Spirit of Survival - an event many have been anticipating.  Race Director Lori Cummins says last years event was such a success that rain couldn't even stop it.  And, the final preparations were underway on Friday for the big race weekend.

The new site for this year's headquarters is the Medicine Park Ball field - it has a lot more space for registrations tents, emergency operations and a dining area for Saturday night's big feast.  After a year of planning it all came down to the finishing touches, from setting up tables and chairs, to stuffing registration packets.

Some thought it would be easier this year, but quickly found out that when you try to make something bigger and better, it usually means more work.  Fortunately, this year, there are a few more helping hands.

Medicine Park Police Chief Rod McKee says law enforcement from all over the area stepped up to help his small town's department.  "The talk right now is anticipating 10,000 people - that is - actual runners and their families, friends and support and what not," he says.  On top of that, many of the runners will be kids - around 350-400.  "With that kind of population of kids we need to have a good visual presence of officers to provide safety," said McKee.

And, to monitor traffic.  Drivers are being asked to park at Lake Lawtonka's School House Slough and ride a shuttle into town.  The shuttles will be running continuously beginning at 5am on Saturday.  "We're really asking people to limit the amount of traffic into Medicine Park," McKee says.

So, there will be lots to see and do out in Medicine Park aside from the races.  If all goes as planned, it should be easy to get in and out and police say you can rest assured that they're ready to handle almost any emergency, should it happen.