Bar security guard accused of impersonating sheriff's deputy

LAWTON-- He said he was deputy sheriff and according to authorities, he even wore a uniform and a badge. Now a Lawton man is behind bars, accused of impersonating an officer. 24-year-old Steven Young was booked into the Comanche County Jail Saturday afternoon. He's being held on a misdemeanor charge of impersonation.

Investigators say he was acting like a deputy while serving as a security officer at "The Spot" Night Club on East Gore. Kim Brownlee, the owner of the club, tells 7-News Young presented what appeared to be a letter showing he was a certified officer and he had a badge, uniform, and handcuffs.  When one of her employees got suspicious of his credentials---they notified authorities.  When Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley got word, he also became suspicious.  "I ran it against our list and I knew no one is supposed to work in a bar that works for the sheriff's department. A lot of people know we don't allow anyone to work at bars for security, none of my deputies. So that made us look bad that somebody was saying it was one of ours and we investigated and found out there was no connection to us."

Brownlee said she never saw Young carry a gun, but the sheriff said there were reports he did.  "We were told that he was inside the club a couple of times with a pistol," Stradley said.

The sheriff's department obtained a warrant for Young's arrest and caught up with him on Saturday afternoon following a traffic violation. No pistol was found on him---only a BB gun.

This is the second time in six months authorities have launched a criminal investigation into security guards at "The Spot," or "Doc Holliday's" as it used to be known.  Back in June, four bouncers were arrested for assaulting customers. Brownlee told 7-News she's trying to clean up the club's image by hiring legit security and felt Young fit the description. She said she was sorry that she didn't check out his background thoroughly before he was hired.