Pot bust yields 105 pounds, $30,000 cash

Wichita Falls Police made a pot bust and discovered 105 pounds of marijuana.  Bricks and bricks were seized from a rented home in an upscale southwest neighborhood along with 2 guns and at least $30,000 in cash.  Authorities had been watching the home for some time and finally made an arrest.

35 year old Primitivo "Paul" Benitez was arrested on drug charges.  Authorities got a search warrant for his home October 15th and he was arrested the same day.  None of this was made public until Monday, October 22.

"As a supplier this big, he wasn't dealing out of his home," says Captain Eric Russell from Wichita Falls PD.  "He was supplying it to people on the street level."  Russell says anyone with this amount of marijuana in their possession is a major supplier.  He says he feels good to get it off the streets.

"It's not going to stop the drug trafficking in our town, but it will cut back some - hopefully - for a while," he says.  Neighbors say they never suspected any wrongdoing coming from Benitez's home.  In fact, some rarely saw him.  Others are upset about this kind of thing happening in their neighborhood.

Captain Russell says drugs have no boundaries - their everywhere.  It doesn't matter the neighborhood.  But, he added, that they shouldn't be panicked over this occurrence.  "There's nothing for the residents to be worried about as far as lot of people dealing drugs out there.  It just happened to be where he chose to live," he said.

After Benitez was arrested, they were led to another source of marijuana.  They discovered 38 more pounds of it.  The suspects name has not been released.  Benitez's bond was set at $50,000.