Video store robbery suspects nabbed

Frederick_Last weekend a video Frederick video store was robbed at knifepoint.  Police say they took a significant amount of money, stole the clerk's car and took off.  Police found the clerk's abandoned car at a golf course.  But, there were no suspects to be found.

7News has learned the suspects were caught Wednesday afternoon after being on the run since Saturday.

Tuesday morning, an elderly couple heard of the story and felt it may have been the couple that they gave a ride to.  They dropped them off at an Altus Motel.  Sure enough, investigators found the couple fit the description.

Jo Brazell, the Motel Manager, says the couple checked into one of her rooms on Saturday - the same day as the robbery.  They kept a low profile, but were spotted eating in a nearby restaurant.  "They've been eating in the restaurant and staying pretty much to themselves," said Brazell.

As soon as authorities were alerted to their possible whereabouts, they questioned Brazell.  She was able to confirm that they had checked into room #140.  She said once they got to the room, the guest opened the door and police began asking questions.  Another guest fled through the back door that led to the parking lot.

"I saw him bolt out," said Brazell.  "I was looking through the front door and saw him bolt out the door.  And, they [police] immediately went after him - I mean it was just a flash."  The chase ended just short of a mile in a nearby neighborhood.

The names of the suspects have not been released since they've not been formally charged.  But, Sheriff Bobby Whittington says the two are being held in the Tillman County Jail on armed robbery complaints.  The case is under review by the Tillman County District Attorney.  Charges should come as soon as tomorrow.