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Snyder family lives with repeated flood damage

Snyder_It's been months since the last major flood in our area.  But, a family in Snyder is still dealing with the aftermath.  On top of making their home livable again, they're fighting the county to make sure it doesn't happen again.  Their house basically sits in a bowl.  They keep the drainage ditches on their property clear, but they can't say the same for the county.

The Sanchez's think the clogged drainage ditched played a big part in the damage the floods did to their property.  They say it may have still flooded, but might not have been nearly as bad.  Now, their frustration lies in the hands of the county.  They've spoken to them twice and still nothing has been done.

Tony Sanchez is still cleaning up - and the floods happened almost six months ago.  "We feel that a good part of that problem is the drainage ditch in our front yard," he says.  "The ditch is full of dead limbs, dead trees - just any kind of debris that washes down."

His wife Lacinda says the county had a cure all solution.  She says they told her that a new bridge should help the water flow out and they wouldn't have any problems.  "Well how can the water get to the new bridges if it's stopped up in front of my house?" she says.  So, she contacted the County Commissioner's office.  "I offered even to sit down maybe sit down at a table, even get it in writing what they would allow us to do to help clean up the ditch."

Lacinda says the foreman agreed to check it out the following week - but never showed.  And, it doesn't stop there.  Now, she says, no one is returning her calls.  "We're trying to take care of the problem so it won't happen again and it's falling on deaf ears," she says.

She tells 7News she can't stand the thought of going through this again.  "When you have children involved and you can't give them a stable place to come home to at night, you don't have a bed to lay them down in, you can't fix them a good hot meal."

7News called their county commissioner, but he has yet to return our call.  The family also contacted the Department of Agriculture who did come by to check it out.  They said flooding like this only happens ever two to five hundred years so they shouldn't worry.  But, the Sanchez's home has flooded three times since 1987.

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