Lawton's third shooting in a week.

LAWTON-- Lawton police are in the middle of their third shooting investigation in just five days.  This time it happened at the Sherlin Apartment Complex in the 2100 block of Lindy.     Investigators say 27-year-old Daniel Coffey was shot in the back late Friday night.

Several neighbors say they saw three men running from the complex seconds after they heard the gunshots.  When they went outside, they saw Daniel Coffey had been shot and they weren't sure if he was going to make it.

Johnny Bates says Coffey is his roommate as well as sister's boyfriend.  He says he and his family were returning to their apartment when Coffey was shot.  Bates says, "He came in here (into the apartment) and fell down. We told him to stay on the ground until the police arrived and that was it."

William Saucida was visiting neighbors in an apartment upstairs. He says he was extremely concerned when he heard the sound of gun shots.  Saucida says, "I was babysitting here last night, and my wife and I were both in here babysitting and when I came outside I saw him (the shooter) running. Yes I was worried. I didn't know what happened exactly."

Bates says before the shooting, several people saw the three men come from a convenience store next door to the apartment complex.

Police ask if you have any information regarding this shooting to please call Crime Stoppers at 355-INFO.