"Night Trips" shooting investigation continues

PFC Marvin Johnson II
PFC Marvin Johnson II

Lawton_Last week 7News reported a Fort Sill Soldier was gunned down early Friday morning at "Night Trips", a West Lawton strip club.  Investigators say 20 year old Private First Class Marvin Johnson II was shot in the chest and killed.  We have learned, earlier today, authorities took someone into custody over the weekend and have other suspects in mind.

The person put in jail is a material witness - someone who is not necessarily responsible for the crime, but has valuable information.  Authorities say they're hot on the trail of suspects in this case and they expect more developments this week.

It's only been three days since the deadly shooting when rounds went off at 2am and killed Marvin Johnson.  Another soldier, 23 year old Courtney Adams was shot several times in the legs.  Already, authorities are making strides in the investigation.

In addition to their material witness - who remains in custody - police say they have also tracked down another person with information about the shooting.  "We got word they were going to Oklahoma City, but we did get a hold of them and they decided they would talk to us," says Sheriff Kenny Stradley.

He says there are even more leads to follow.  "My officers, right now, my investigators are out right now talking to some more people," Stradley says.  So, there could even be a few more arrests this week.  "We believe that there's a few that's involved and we're right in the middle of this investigation," he says.  "We got word they were going to Oklahoma City, but we did get a hold of them and they decided they would talk to us."

Stradley says he feels they're making strides in the investigations and is confident they'll solve the case, bringing some peace to the family of the Fort Sill Soldier who lost his life.  The victim's father says his son had just returned from a year long deployment in Korea and he was married just weeks ago

If anyone has any information about this shooting, please contact the Comanche County Sheriff's Department at 580-353-4280.