UPDATE: Man chased around courthouse charged

Lawton_It was a wild morning Tuesday at the Comanche County Courthouse.  A man with a young child in tow raced into the courthouse at around 11am.  He was being chased by Lawton Police and other law enforcement agents.  Some say they believe he had a gun and was heard yelling that he wanted to see a judge.

Police say the chase started when they tried to serve a search warrant to him in a neighborhood near the courthouse.  But, when he saw them he took off - racing off in a car - all while carrying a frightened little boy.

Talib Abdul-Hakim sits in Lawton City Jail tonight facing three charges from Lawton Police:  child endangerment, reckless driving and eluding police.

Not everyone at the courthouse was aware all of this was happening on the ground floor, but for those who did, it was frightening.  Joe Haas was one of the people who was there - "The only thing he was saying is 'Where's the judge, where's the judge?'", says Haas.  Haas shines shoes at the Comanche Courthouse and was an eyewitness to the chase.  He says it all happened really fast.

Police Chief Ronnie Smith says Lawton Police were assisting another agency in serving a search warrant to Abdul-Hakim when it turned into a chase.  He wouldn't stop and talk to the officer - instead, he decided to make a run for it.  "Where he bailed out of the car and ran into the courthouse.  Inside the courthouse he was captured by the elevator and taken into custody," says Smith.

Several witnesses claim to have seen Abdul-Hakim with a gun.  When police searched his truck, they found a gun shell and gun case, but no gun.  Haas says it was pretty exciting for the few that saw the events unfold.  "Sometimes you get to see news before it hits Channel Seven News," he says.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions and 7News is still waiting for information from the other law enforcement agency involved in the arrest.  The little boy who was with Abdul-Hakim has been taken into custody by Child Protective Services.

Talib Abdul-Hakim was charged with eluding a police officer.  The chase started when police tried to help a state agency serve a warrant on his wife, Victoria Abdul-Hakim, at their home. He took off when he drove up and saw the officers. She was charged with obtaining money by false pretense.