Four suspects behind bars after high speed chase

Jackson County_Four people are behind bars thanks to an observant neighbor.  Jackson County Sheriff, Altus Police Officers and Oklahoma State Troopers were led on a nine mile high speed chase on the dirt roads just north of Altus.  The chase ended when the culprits lost control of their vehicle and ended up in a ditch.

The four were arrested in relation to a third burglary in Martha in just over one week.  Residents believe it's all the same group who are responsible.

Jackson County Sheriff Roger Levick says a Martha resident called in a burglary in progress.  It's the second time Brady Cryer has had his house broken into.  Last Wednesday, the burglars broke his window to get in, but didn't take much.  "I think they got spooked because they all they got was two of the tool kits and some jewelry," says Cryer.

He fixed the window, but the burglars returned.  They took even more this time, but, because of a neighbors help it wasn't for long.  His neighbor saw some people coming out of Cryer's home that he knew shouldn't be there.  He gave the sheriff's office a vehicle description as they drove off - and, he did more than just watch.

"He had been broken into about a week prior and he followed the vehicle, kept the vehicle in sight and kept our dispatch informed and of course our dispatch informed us and did an outstanding job," says Levick.

Levick says the occupants of the getaway car, Billy Ray Henry-43, Deborah Hernandez-35, Juan Vickers-20 and Angel Vincent-26 all fled in several directions and hid in the grass until authorities found all of them.  Property from the home was found inside the car and all four suspects are being held at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

"I'm just glad they're caught," says Levick.  "I mean, you know, maybe this will put some fear, if there are any out there, this'll put some fear in them."  The Sheriff's Department is still investigating whether or not the four were involved in all three burglaries.  But, they will all face charges of second degree burglary in this latest case.