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Apartment complex shooting frighten residents

Altus_Bullets flew through an Altus apartment complex Wednesday afternoon shattering windows, damaging buildings and filling a car with lead.  It happened around 1pm at the Ridge Crest Apartments off Springfield. 

Police say no one was hurt but one neighbor says it was too close for comfort after a bullet went flying over her head.  Just minutes after the shooting, officers stopped a pickup truck that was seen leaving the apartment complex.  Inside, police say there were six men, some guns and bullets.

Halloween is typically a scary night, but it was also a scary afternoon for those who live in the Ridge Crest Apartments.  "I heard a lady upstairs telling some people to get away, don't bring this out here, stop please stop, she kept on," says apartment complex resident Clarisa Davis. 

Minutes later Davis' fears turned into reality when she began to hear gunshots - about six or seven rounds total.  Then, she heard a loud crash.  "I hit the floor immediately and noticed the shot through the glass."  A shot right through her window. 

As police were on their way to the scene, they got a call telling them the suspects were driving away.  "A dark colored pickup that was involved in the shooting," says Captain Mark Turner of the Altus Police Department.  "We had some officers attempt to locate the vehicle."  Turner says officers found it but the driver didn't want to stop - that led to a short chase.  "Six people were in the vehicle and they have been detained," he says. 

Now, the question is why did the shooting happen in the first place?  "I heard some rumors there may have been a verbal altercation amongst a group, but that's about all we know right now," says Turner.  Neighbors like Clarissa Davis don't even care what prompted the gunfire.  They just don't want it to happen again - especially on a holiday that's all about kids.  "They didn't have to do that," says Davis.  "We have kids to think about, and bullets don't know names - bullets don't know names."

Police say they're trying to put this puzzle together but are pretty confident that they have those responsible in custody along with evidence to link them to the shooting.  Investigators are not sure just how many guns were involved, but say bullet holes indicate both small and large caliber pistols.

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