Christian YouTube imitation gives seminary student new mission

Plano_Chris Wyatt is on a mission.  The founder of hustles through his cavernous fourth-floor headquarters in the Dallas suburb of Plano, searching for an available conference room.  Finally settled, the nattily dressed former TV producer insists he's as surprised as anyone that the Christian imitation of YouTube was identified earlier this year by Comscore as the fastest growing on the web.

The video-sharing site specializing in Christian content drew more than 4 million unique visitors last month. It maintains more than 150,000 registered users with active profiles. Plans for the future include producing entertainment programs at the site's headquarters.

Godtube is among religion-based web sites that closely copy popular secular models. is similar to the social networking site Myspace. is the religious right's response to the online encyclopedia wikipedia. Similar sites target Muslim and Jewish audiences.

Godtube videos includes music, comedy and heated theological debates. Two of the most viewed include a corny rap remix called "Baby Got Book'' and the 4-year-old daughter of Brian Mosley of Allen, reciting Psalm 23 from memory.

Godtube reviews every video uploaded and rejects those with objectionable content. Members of other religions are invited to participate on the web site, but they cannot proselytize. Atheists are welcome, too, and they may share their point of view, "as long as it's done respectfully.''

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