Altus shooting retaliation

Altus is in the middle of a shooting rampage.  Wednesday, 7News reported gunfire ripping through the Ridgecrest Apartments off Springfield.  Police say bullets hit windows, the building and a car - luckily no one was hurt.  Just minutes after the shooting, officers stopped a pickup that was seen leaving the apartment complex with six men inside.  All but one of the men taken into custody have been released.  Police say they don't have enough evidence to hold them since police say there were no weapons found in the vehicle.

Now, another house in Altus in the 1300 block of Cottonwood has been hit and police say it was payback.  "It was at three something in the morning that I heard the shooting - it was a whole bunch and they were shooting and it scared me," says Linda Guzman.  She lives just down the street from the house with her four children.

Guzman says police arrived on the scene and think it's a retaliation to the shooting at the Ridge Crest Apartments.  "At this point we believe the shooting is going to be tied in to the shooting we had yesterday afternoon in the Springfield Drive area," says Captain Mike Turner with the Altus Police Department.

Turner says it's because of the car that was shot - it was parked at the apartments during the first shooting.  And, Turner says gangs are responsible.  "Just the word that I'm getting, here and there, that it's going to be two gangs that are clashing with each other, the Crips and the Bloods," he says.

Police interviewed witnesses from both crime scenes all day Thursday to find a lead.  "They've gotten some good information as to who the shooters may be," says Turner.  But, Altus residents are hoping they hurry.  Guzman used to live in the neighborhood of the first shootings and thought she was moving away from the violence.  "I lived at Lincoln Manor most of my life so I've gotten used to it.  But with my kids it's kind of scares me more, you know," she says.

While they had to let the other five suspects go, Jeremy Lamont Gibson, 26, is being charged with driving under suspension, expired tags and attempting to elude a police officer.  Police say he is still a suspect in the Ridgecrest shooting.  If you have any information on these shootings, call Altus Crimestoppers at 580-482-TIPS.  You don't have to leave your name and may be eligible for a cash reward.