Central Mall's "Family Friendly Hours" starts tonight

Lawton_After several complaints about violence and disorderly conduct at Lawton's Central Mall, the management is trying something new to stop it.  7News first reported on the mall's new family friendly hours last week and starting tonight kids under 18 will not be allowed in the mall unless they're with a parent or adult.

Central Mall's management hopes it will lead to an increase in business on Friday and Saturday nights - a time when many customers have normally shied away because of trouble.  If you do decide to visit the mall, don't be alarmed by the security guards you'll find roaming the mall.  Management has placed them there - some of them off duty police officers - at every entrance.

If you look young, be prepared to show your identification.  The guards will be making sure everyone who comes in is over 18 or is accompanied by an adult who is over 21.

Family Friendly Hours are Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm until close.  Kids can still come to the movies, but will only be allowed to purchase tickets for shows 30 minutes in advance.  And by no means will the mall stop minors from visiting the Armed Forces Recruitment Centers.