Tipton man accused of assault with deadly weapon roams streets for five days

Tipton_A house in Tipton was shot at and now the family wants some answers.  The incident happened Sunday morning, but it took five days before the suspect turned himself in.

The McCall Family says they identified Steven Andrew Garcia to police on Sunday morning and the family says he was seen around town numerous times since he'd been identified.  So, they wonder why he wasn't arrested.  They wonder how much longer this would have gone on if Garcia hadn't turned himself in.

Lorraine McCall says she's known Garcia since he was five years old.  Her son had an altercation with Garcia's cousin the night before - which is what she believes led to the shooting.  Tipton police have 19 year old Garcia in custody tonight.  He's being held for assault with a deadly weapon.  In a town of roughly 900, shootings are a rarity.  But things changed Sunday and now McCall says her family doesn't feel safe and are having trouble sleeping.

"My husband said that Steven come up here and shot up the house, he said, come there and knocked on the door and asked was my son here," she says.  "He told him yeah.  He come back inside to get my son, my son went outside and asked him man what's up and he turned around and started shooting."  She says he then took off running down the street.

If her son had answered the door - it may have been a different story.  "He was gonna kill him," she says.  "He was gonna kill him, that's what he was waitin' for."  Instead he fired into the house.  One bullet crashed through a china cabinet and into the refrigerator, another ended up in the kitchen sink.

What McCall wonders is why it took police five days to take Garcia into custody - she says he was right in plain sight.  "Right there at the house walking around, driving through town waving at people, it's just another day to him."

Tipton's Chief of Police saw Garcia on Wednesday - the same day a warrant was issued.  But, the Chief says he needed back up.  "He's considered armed and dangerous, I'm not gonna do it without backup."  And, as the only officer in the small town, making an arrest isn't easy.  But, luckily Garcia turned himself in this afternoon bringing some peace to the McCall family.