Slingshot vandals terrorize Duncan

Duncan_There are vandals in Duncan using slingshots to target everything in sight:  homes, cars, schools and even churches.  Over the course of three days, there were more than 20 reports of broken windows - not counting those who didn't wish to file a report.  Duncan police say the vandals didn't concentrate on one area - they were hitting their targets all over town.

Police say they have an idea as to who is behind the vandalism and it's only a matter of time before they gather the evidence they need to bring them in.  But, as of right now, no one is in custody.

Guy Baird says he was enjoying an evening out with his wife and hadn't parked his car in his driveway before leaving his home.  When he returned, he discovered someone had taken a shot at his window.  "We had our anniversary of six years," says Baird.  "We came back from supper and a movie and we went back into the driveway and saw it [the truck] was shot.  At first thought, it was hit with a baseball bat - but then saw it was shot at," he says.

Lieutenant Jimmy Williams says Duncan Police have discovered that the vandals are using a slingshot with a small metal ball bearing.  He says the vandals have shown no discrimination in their choice of target.

They've hit the local glass and window repair store, stained glass windows at a church along with people and moving vehicles - taking aim at people who were driving their cars - something that could end up with tragic consequences.  "The velocity could injure or even kill someone," says Williams.

But, while these slingshot toting shooters have made their mark all over town - they haven't stolen a thing.  Apparently they're just looking for something to do.  Police say it's senseless and that these vandals have caused at least $10,000 worth of damage.

Williams says he still hasn't determined whether this is the work of kids.  He says people who have called in to report damage have done so at all hours - even during school hours.  The good news is that a local store's surveillance cameras may have caught the culprits purchasing the ball bearings -the same ammo police have found at many of the crime scenes.

According to Lieutenant Williams, if the suspects are caught, charges could be as little as misdemeanor vandalism or as serious a crime as a felony for shooting at a moving vehicle.  If you have any information about these crimes, please call Stephen's County Crimestoppers at 580-252-INFO.