Little girl critically injured in ATV accident

Duncan_A Duncan girl is fighting for her life at an Oklahoma City hospital.  An eight year old girl was driving an All Terrain Vehicle with her five year old brother riding behind her.  Duncan Police say the little girl ran into a chain link fence.  The ATV began to climb up and over the fence when it threw the five year old from the vehicle.  It then continued to flip back and fell on the little girl's head hitting her face first.  The injured little girl's identity cannot be released since she is a minor, but her parents are with her in Oklahoma City.

The child was not wearing a helmet.

Duncan Police say the new ATV helmet law for kids under the age of 18 doesn't apply on private property - which has caused some confusion.  These two children were riding their ATV with no helmet in their own backyard.

A neighbor, who prefers to remain anonymous, tells 7News she heard a little girl crying in pain.  She asked if the girl was hurt and if she could help.  She says she was scared to death.

Detective John Byers told 7News why it seems as if there are more accidents involving children and ATV's.  "Kids like to learn how to drive early - mine love to ride there bikes," he says.  "But it makes you wonder... stop and think for their safety.  Do you want to invest in something that has shown to be dangerous - especially to children?"

He says kids are inexperienced drivers - they're still learning how to operate any sort of vehicle, their reaction time is slower and they don't know how to properly use the brakes.  Another neighbor, Sharon Macias, says she's not a fan of ATVs.  She says they're not toys.  "They're dangerous," she says.  "They flip easy.  I saw on the news one caught on fire.  They're dangerous and they scare the death out of me."

Duncan Police says the girl is still in critical condition.  7News will have more on the ATV debate with Anchor Stacia Naquin who's working on a special report to air on Good Morning, Texoma, Thursday, November 14 at 6am.