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Fight over pet ordinance finally over

Lawton_The fight between the city of Lawton and local pet shops is finally over. Back in the spring, the city implemented an ordinance to toughen animal sales in an attempt to control the pet overpopulation issue. Problem was, pet shops say it nearly put them out of business.

Tuesday night city council approved pet shop owners to buy dogs and cats from any breeder in oklahoma, instead of only USDA-approved breeders. But they'll still have to provide a health certificate from a local veterinarian, and register every animal with the city. And pet stores still have to pay the city a fee in order to sell or advertise dogs and cats. But now they can chose pets from breeders they know and trust, instead of only USDA breeders -- who they say are only inspected by the conditions of the housing, not the actual health of the animals.

"It will allow us to be able to purchase puppies that we feel are extremely healthy," said Fins & Critters pet store owner Linda McCutcheon. "And the better of the breed, it will allow us a little more freedom of where we can buy from."

So now the pet stores are back in business -- the city guarantees healthy puppies are the only ones up for sale, It's something both sides say they can definitely work with.

Tuesday city council was also supposed to discuss the issue regarding re-naming streets across town, however that item was post-poned until the next council meeting on November 27th because council member Randy Warren could not be present tonight.

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