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LTC Jack Johnson to be inducted to OK Military Hall of Fame

Lawton_It's an honor of a lifetime to be inducted to the Military Hall of Fame.  This time, the Hall of Fame will induct 10 throughout the state of Oklahoma and two are local military veterans from Southwest Oklahoma - Master Gunnery Sergeant Vernon Tsoodle and Lieutenant Colonel Jack Johnson.

Inductees include three Navy veterans, three Army veterans, three Marine veterans and one Air Force veteran who all will be inducted Thursday.

7News met with LTC Johnson in his home and took a journey back in time to revisit some of his fondest memories.  He's a humble man who is extremely involved his community.  But, he took the time to tell what it takes to be inducted into the Military Hall of Fame - it's not based on a military career alone.

"[It] includes both your military history and your other deeds you have performed with in the state," he says.  Johnson says he's always been connected to his community which is surely one of the reasons he was chosen for this honor.  Aside from his military career, he has a passion for biking and was involved with planning several bike races around Lawton.

When he retired, he didn't take a vacation.  He taught at Cameron for several years after.  Johnson was a member of the Lawton Community Theater and became much more involved in his community after his retirement.  "Things like that keep you busy, keep you active, and keep you involved and make it a better community," he says.

And, as for Lieutenant Colonel Johnson's military career, it gives many more reasons why this man has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.  His career began in 1953 and lasted for 23 years, he retired in 1977.  While in combat with Army Aviation units he conducted fire support supply and medical evacuation missions and during the 1968 TET Offensive he made repeated landings under fire.

Johnson received the Silver Star - the third highest award for valor, the Legion of Merit, three Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Soldier's Medal - awarded for saving lives at the risk of your own, the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.  After his retirement, in 1996, he was given the Oklahoma Governor's Distinguished Service Award in Physical Fitness and Sports - an award given to only one woman and one man per year, and was part of the National Olympics Masters Team for Cycling a part of the United States Cycling Federation.

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