Chemical explosion kills Cache teen

Lawton_Authorities are investigating an explosion that killed a Cache teen.  19 year old Caleb Adams died early Thursday morning as a result of the explosion that occurred at Enterprise Rent-A-Car on West Cache Road.  The blast happened around 2pm Wednesday where Adams was in charge of detailing the cars as they came to the business.  Investigators say chemicals Adams was working with is what caused the small explosion.

Investigators are looking into just how the chemicals could have caused the explosion.  It may have occurred for a number of reasons, but what authorities say is that there were a number of chemicals stored within a small space.  They say the vapors built up - but, what they're trying to determine is what ignited them.

"We do believe it was an accident," says Fire Marshall Mark Mitchell.  "There was some flammable cleaning products involved - terrible tragedy."  The site of the explosion doesn't appear terribly damaged.  It didn't look like there was much of a fire at all.  But, Adams was right in the middle of it.  Witnesses say they heard the impact and saw Adams running out in a ball of fire.

"We heard some screams, so we walked over and seen the Enterprise building was on fire - immediately on fire.  There was no smoke or nothing," said Ross Wallace.  Mitchell says Adams came out of the detailing storage room on fire.  He went to the front office for help and two female employees put the flames out with a fire extinguisher.

Mitchell says the flammable chemicals inside were either spilled or had vaporized causing ripe conditions for ignition.  They're still trying to determine what ignited the dangerous chemical mix.  He also says that although witnesses describe what happened as an explosion, it's more of a flash fire.  In this case a rapid rush of air in or exhaust out can appear to be an explosion.

Investigators say it may take some time before they know what ignited the fire.  7News will let you know what we find out.