Lawton Homebuilders Association Tour of Homes raises money for worthy cause

The Lawton Homebuilders Association Tour of Homes raises money for a worthy cause.

The project house selected for this year is located on the 1412 NE Kingsbriar in Eastlake.  The Association is showing off almost 30 new homes and the Kingsbriar home is in the spotlight.

The 2800 square foot French Country style home features an outdoor patio with a fire pit.  It has been furnished by Darby's Furniture.

Proceeds from the event is donated to the Food 4 Kids program.  Take a tour of the homes for a $5 donation.  Tours end at 7:30pm - Free hot dogs and hamburgers.

Schedule of Tours:

Friday, November 9 - 5:30-7:30pm

Saturday, November 10 - 1-6pm

Sunday, November 11 - 1-6pm

Friday, November 16 - 3-6pm

Saturday, November 17 - 1-6pm

Sunday, November 18 - 1-6pm

Addresses of the homes included in the tour are:

1412 NE Kingsbriar
3701 NE Willow Way
1609 NW 36th Street
1605 NW 36th Street
1603 NW 36th Street
3606 NW Julie Street
3604 NW Julie Street
3610 NW Julie Street
1205 Hershel Drive, Elgin
1207 Hershel Drive, Elgin
1208 Hershel Drive, Elgin
1209 Hershel Drive, Elgin
1211 Hershel Drive, Elgin
5102 NE Haddington Place
2 Sandy Trail
8308 NW Fitzroy Place
7108 SW Anglewood
7110 SW Anglewood
1504 SW Brentwood Blvd.
7104 SW Brentwood Blvd.
7009 SW Brimwood Blvd.
7007 SW Brimwood Blvd.
7012 SW Brimwood Blvd.
1603 SW 70th. St.