Shooting scare on Lawton's East Side

Lawton_No one was hit, but it was a close call for a family on Lawton's East Side after bullets came flying into their mobile home Sunday night.  The gunfire shattered one window and left a big hole in the other - but, the bullets didn't stop there.  The trailer park manager says one even hit the family's hot water heater causing a potentially explosive situation.

So far, there are no leads on who the gunman might be.  All neighbors could tell police was that they saw a white car leaving the trailer park.  The family who was shot at says they have no idea who could have done it or why.  And, Property Manager Jeff Treffinger was one of many - including the family caught in the line of fire - that awoke to shots being fired.

"Everybody was in bed," says Treffinger.  "They were just as surprised at this thing as everybody."  The surprised and terrified family members - including kids - slept feet away as bullets tore through the home.  "That went through and went through the back of a couch and went through the closet and hit the water tank," Treffinger says.

Treffinger says the car just drove into the trailer park, started shooting and sped back out.  The park forms a circle so the one way in is the same way out and it all happened before anyone could really figure out what happened.  "Of course, the whole family is shook up," he says.  "Don't know who could have or who would have done such a thing."

Today, everyone is left wondering if the trailer hit was the target - if there was no specific home targeted, residents know it could have been theirs.  "It's quite surprising and everyone is quite shocked," says Treffinger.

Detectives and Crime Techs have collected all the evidence from the scene.  But, what they really need is for someone to come forward with information on the shooter.  Information can be provided anonymously by calling Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO.