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Multiple Altus shootings literally related

Altus_Residents say violence in Altus is escalating.  One man barely escapes a drive by shooting and another is in jail for trying to shoot someone else in the head.  Police say last week's shooting at an apartment complex on the South Side of Altus started a chain of events that they are convinced are related.

It seems all the recent shootings are literally related.  The victims of the string of crimes are all family members and they tell 7News that someone is out to get them.  Winona Owens says her son in law Jeremy "Sean" Davis was talking with a neighbor when Bert "Little Bert" Wayne Robinson Jr. started shooting.  "I was screaming telling him to put the gun down," says Owens.  "I said 'Put the gun down, you gonna kill him.  You're gonna kill him.  Put the gun down!'"

But, Robinson didn't put the gun down.  "I looked up and he pulled a gun out, put it to the boy's head and stuff and the gun went off but it got jammed," says Owens.  Lucky for Davis, police responded quickly to the shots fired call. 

It turns out, David is the nephew of the woman whose apartment was shot last week and he's also Robinson's cousin.  But, police say he's connected to more than the family.  "The word I'm getting is that he many have some connections as far as associates that are involved with the other shootings," says Captain Mike Turner, Altus Police Department.

Robinson is being held on charges of shooting with intent to kill, possession of a firearm after a conviction and possession of stolen property.  And, police say that the shooting involving Davis led to another close call. 

Katiaray Young is the nephew of the woman at the apartment complex.  He was just leaning on his car when gunmen on foot shot at him.  "I feel the bullets passing my head and my chest," says Young.  He ducked and bullets barely missed him after eight or nine shots fired.  Police say multiple weapons used in the shooting.  "It is going to be directly tied in with retaliation of the other shootings that we've had in the Lincoln Manor area here in the last couple of weeks," says Turner.

Young says it's an assault against his family and police have stepped up patrols in the areas where the shootings have occurred.  "Literally, over the weekend we had an entire shift in one area, just there in case something does go down," Turner says. 

Owens says all this gang violence needs to stop.  She says someone is going to end up getting hurt, wind up in jail or killed.  "'Cause I don't want any of my grandkids to get shot - not like that," she says.  "You know, bullets can't see."  Police say there are more arrests to come.  If you have any information in regards to this crime, please call the Altus Police Department or Altus Crimestoppers at 580-482-TIPS

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