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Oklahoma woman kept alive by her dogs

An elderly Oklahoma woman was trapped with her four dogs inside an overturned car - with no way to get help.  Three weeks ago, Betty McCord struggled through this ordeal and she has just spoken about what happened.

Betty knows she has at least four guardian angels - four fur balls named Mack, Misty, Ally and Tinkerbell.  "I will never forget how they acted, not just the wreck.  I just won't forget how they acted. 

Betty and her Shitzus survived the unthinkable.  First, a wreck along highway nine - "It felt like I hit something," she said.  Then, she and her dogs were trapped for 43 hours inside an '86 Olds.  "There was no way I could get out," she said.  "There was no way - I tried, for two and a half days to get out of there, and I couldn't."

The car disappeared deep into the woods and landed on its top.  The steering wheel busted Betty's teeth while the force of her forehead shattered the windshield.  "I thought I was dead," she said.  But, rescuers say the dogs likely kept her alive - licking her face, helping her to stay alert. 

Just long enough for Trooper Tyson Wright to notice the tracks veering off the road.  "You couldn't see the car," he says.  Betty says Trooper Wright stuck his head in the window and asked if she was alright.  "I said I will be if you get me the hell outta here," she says.

Troopers got her out of the car, they smashed a window and brought Betty and the dogs Gatorade.  She's still pretty sore and is staying with family.  "I don't know," she says.  "All I can tell ya is I was lucky that I got found - that's all I know."  The trooper who found her still can't believe she's alive.

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